What's Been Going On?

New Pew


A church pew has been added to the front of the store for anyone and everyone to enjoy. Take a load off from your day to enjoy some people watching in the busy downtown of Goldthwaite.

The Stove Cove


The newest addition to the store is this beautiful stove. From now until the end of the year, every Saturday we will be cooking up delicious things so make sure you come in to try some!

alamo knives Damascus steal


These beautiful Damascus Steal knives are exquisite and handmade. They make for wonderful gifts and we cannot seem to keep enough of them! 

Luke Strong Towels


We still have these beautiful towels for sale with the artwork done by Super Luke and all proceeds will go to research to help find a cure for Medulloblastoma-Metastatic Cancer. 

About Us


the euroscrubby

You can clean literally scrub anything with a Euroscrubby! Scrub your hardest at your non-stick pans with no fear. Scrub your vegetables clean as well as your stove and your kitchen tile. Then move outside and scrub your garden tools, furniture and even your golf clubs. Use it for everything!


Grip sticks

Keep your food as fresh as the day you opened it with a Grip Stick. Do one simple fold and then slide the Grip Stick in the crease. Save more food and more money!


The Zap cloth

This Zap Cloth literally zaps away all streaks when cleaning your mirrors, glasses, cars, stainless, and televisions. It is strong enough to remove bugs, grease, break dust, soap scum, and tar. One simple product that delivers extraordinary results every time. 

Opening Weekend of Deer Season in Goldthwaite

Texas Parks & Wildlife filmed in Goldthwaite last year during deer season to show the impact deer season has on small businesses in our town. Enjoy the beauty of Mills County and get a look inside our store. Hunting season might just be the most wonderful time of the year!