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The Real Mills County General Store

New for June!

anchor t beef


100 % grass fed, premium ground beef, at least 90% lean! Never any grain finishing.

Find it in the freezer at the front of the store for $7.29/lb. 

remember beer nuts??


Come in to the store and find a blast from the past! We now carry Original Peanuts and Almonds. 

henry rifle


Are you a Henry Rifle fan? Come by the store and see this just-in Henry 30-30 Side Gate Lever Action Rifle! Come by and check in out before its gone.



true balance

Get ready to obsess with trying to solve this stacker!  This toy is great for improving coordination in children and adults. This can also release stress and encourages positive mental engagement.


can you solve it?

This toy was winner of the Creative Kids 2018 Toy of the Year.  Test out your balancing skills and focus!


app enabled bbq tank scale

This amazing tool can let you track the amount of propane that you have left and keep things as simple a possible for you. We have plenty in stock!


genuine leather concealment purses

We have in some new and beautiful concealment purses! They conceal both revolvers and semi-automatic firearms. Carry your firearm in one of these gorgeous purses and feel stylish and safe!


ifixit Precision bit set

This precision bit set is something everyone should own. Whether you're a tech wiz or someone who has trouble with technology, this bit kit this bit kit has what you need to disassemble, repair, and reassemble smartphones, game consoles, wearables, laptops, desktops, tablets, small appliances, and much more! This makes a great gift, especially for Father's Day coming up!


whiskey elements

Want better whiskey in just 24 hours? With Whiskey Elements sticks from Time & Oak, you simply place the stick in your bottle of whiskey, let it sit for 24 hours, and then enjoy! The whiskey will have improved flavor, will be rid of toxins, and have accelerated aging to give your whiskey a more sophisticated taste. A great idea for Father's Day as well!

Opening Weekend of Deer Season in Goldthwaite

Texas Parks & Wildlife filmed in Goldthwaite last year during deer season to show the impact deer season has on small businesses in our town. Enjoy the beauty of Mills County and get a look inside our store. Hunting season might just be the most wonderful time of the year!