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Sid Brooks, a local rancher now deceased, and Rodney and I were featured on Texas Country Reporter with the invention we created called the Antagonizer.  The Antagonizer is a device that kills fire ants without poison and drives the queen away.  When the mound dies out the fire ants will never be back.  The beauty of the concept is that it doesn NOT affect any other populations in the environment.

Foragers are in search of fat and protein (think of fire ants on road kill) to feed the larva who create the juice that feeds the queen and the rest of the workers.  When foragers (being gradually killed by the Antagonizer) disappear and the queen gets hungry she leaves AND the mound dies out.  Let us send you one.


$79.99 each

$10.00 shipping

  • Kills fireants without poison.
  • Leaves the environment undisturbed.
  • Prevents re-infestation.